David Yurman デイビットユーマン ジュエリー ピアス Large Cable Oval Hoop Earrings

【エントリーで最大P23倍】COBRA FJR1300AS/A マフラー本体 RX77 Slip-on Dual road legal/EEC/ABE/homologated Yamaha FJR 1300 コブラ -マフラー

●商品名:RX77 Slip-on Dual road legal/EEC/ABE/homologated Yamaha FJR 1300



Key Features :-approved silencers,fit directly onto original pipework.
-Fits in standard position.
-Street legal silencers feature a removeable baffle(db-killer)for race track use.
-Up to 30%
40% reduction in weight over original equipment.
-Made in Germany
-Road Legal
-removable DB-Killer
-aggressive Sound
-racing approved Materials
Speed Products has been making high-end exhausts for more than 30 years.We started out designing Superbike exhausts,but have since expanded the line of exhausts to include scooters and cruisers.SpeedPros expertise and years of experience in building the best exhausts in Germany is huge.All SpeedPros exhausts are handcrafted,and Made in Germany.As a result,our exhausts not only perform at the highest level possible in sound and performance,they are also extremely affordable.

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FJR 13002001

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